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The retirement system in the United States is in a state of crisis. Record numbers of Americans are not confident that they will be able to ever retire with dignity.

The American Retirement Initiative is a national discussion about how to improve the quality of retirement planning for all Americans. We showcase the research of the most prominent retirement thought leaders and visionaries, share news about the latest trends in retirement planning, and present a forum for discussion, so that thought leaders and policy makers can strategize about how best to improve the retirement planning issues that average Americans care most about. Most importantly, we strive to give Americans the insight needed to more effectively plan for the rest of their lives.

We conduct events and that bring together thought leaders from the public and private sectors.  Our title sponsors have included companies like ING Americas and the Scripps Networks. Our partners have included organizations like the AARP Public Policy Institute and the Boston Consulting Group. The central themes of  our events are how Americans from the private, governmental, non-profit and academic sectors can collaborate to dramatically improve retirement outcomes in the United States.  Our summits provide excellent opportunities for financial, benefits, human resources, and retirement specialists to learn and network with other executives, senior policy leaders, and retirement thought leaders.

Why the American Retirement Initiative?

  • You drive the content. We get answers to the questions you most care about
  • We do not lobby the government or take partisan positions on issues
  • We aim to educate and inform you with the latest news and research so that you can make better decisions
  • Identifying key voices around substantive retirement issues
  • Expanding the platform through which their research is showcased
  • Convening meetings where employers and thought leaders can engage in best practices sharing and find ways to improve your benefits programs
  • You and anyone else who has a stake in your achieving your retirement success. This includes
  • Employers that sponsor comprehensive and diverse benefit plans
  • Governmental entities
  • Benefits professionals
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • Non-profits that focus on retirement security issues
  • Consultants and other professionals in the benefits field with expertise in investments and retirement areas